Bringing colours to films !

Conceive, Explore and Rise with Cine Rang.

Cinerang studio is an advertising, film and Television Production Company based in New Delhi & Mumbai. A one stop shop from script to screen. We strive for creative satisfaction and ever-exciting work environment. The projects are a by-product (at least we like to think that) of the fun we try to have. It’s a slim, organic organization where creative people, who are aware of their self-actualization needs, are always welcome.

We have made our presence felt with the projects we have handled so far but still our best is yet to come. Our aim is to be a tour-de-force and create a corner and be remembered for the movies we make. Size matters but quality matters more. We are gearing towards a substantial, self-indulgent future where we create a respectable space and presence that our associates are proud of.

Our in-house production services cover the entire film making process from conceptualization right through filming and editing. Nothing to brag about but we have one motto ‘giving our best to produce quality creative work as per industry standards.’